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Exec-Resumes.Com offers "concierge level" service---even when it comes to the responses we send via email! In fact, we're one of the only e-companies in the world--capable of responding to virtually any inquiry within just 1 business day or less. E-mail us your questions OR send us your existing resume for a free mini-critique!


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Pick up your phone and dial 1-800-494-1131. Operators are standing by. During peak seasons, you might get our company voice mail. If you leave a message, we'll return it QUICKLY!

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Fax responses are almost as quick as e-mail ones! Send your fax to 1-305-832-0524 and include a note re: the media through which you'd like us to respond (i.e. via telephone, fax, or email)--and we'll do so as quickly as possible! 
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If you're unable to transmit your question and/or materials through any other media, send your paperwork to our corporate office and we'll respond ASAP! If you have time to wait, you can even snail mail a printout of your order form to us!